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By 5:30 am each morning, we’ve already begun mixing the flour and water that will become the soft, warm, flour tortilla wrapped around your favorite burrito.  We’ve also begun stewing the fresh tomatoes and jalpeños used to create our one-of-a-find hot and mild sauces.  Then we continue to carefully prepare each of our recipes in this manner throughout the day; from slow cooking our lean stew meat until fork-tender to continuously preparing small batches of fresh guacamole.


Why do we go through such painstaking lengths?  We do it because we make our food for the true Mexican Food Aficionados.  People who crave authentic Texican flavors that haven’t been compromised with cheap fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives.  People who appreciate that we use fresh produce and lean cuts purchased locally.  We do it for people like you, who know the value of waking up at 5:30am to prepare something right.


Made in-house daily with melted cheese and a generous amount of lightly sautéed green chile, tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers.


Queso Favorites: Tortilla Chips & Queso, Jumbo Stew Meat and Avocado Smothered in Queso, 4 oz. side great for burritos, fries and beans.


Our hot, green sauces and mild, red sauces are prepared daily from fresh jalapeños and tomatoes, stewed with garlic and spices. Blended  and packaged in-house for maximum flavor. Be cautioned: this proprietary flavor-protecting method is why they sometimes “spurt” when you open ‘em!


Thick and fluffy. Made-from-scratch daily, starting at 5:30am using simple ingredients of flour,water, vegetable shortening and tortilla mix.  No lard and no preservatives.


A local favorite. Our version of Mexican Carne Guisada. Lean, bottom round beef, slow-simmered with green chilies, onion, garlic & salt until fork tender.


Delicious made-from-scratch refried beans.  Simmered with light spices and mashed to creamy perfection. 100% vegetarian, no lard or preservatives.


Attention Peyton lovers! We proudly use Peyton’s Del Norte(r) all Beef Chorizo.  We use beef here, not pork, for a delicious flavor that is hard to find anywhere else.

Winner of 20 Readers' Choice Awards! Midland Reporter-Telegram and Odessa American.