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MAY 8TH - JUNE 5TH.  Voting now open for Midland Reporter-Telegram's 2021 Readers' Choice Awards.  Thanks to our loyal customers, we've become one of the top nominees!  We are honored to be considered in the following categories: Breakfast, Burrito, Guacamole, Mexican Food, Nachos, Queso & Salsa.  Click Link  https://bit.ly/3tr9cQC  to Vote Today!


MARCH 25TH . Tell Your Friends!   Indoor dining at all JumBurrito locations are now open for your enjoyment!  Customers will no longer be required to wear masks, though we strongly encourage everyone to continue to follow all recommendations from public health officials – including wearing a mask and physical distancing when not seated– to protect yourself and others while in the restaurant. All JumBurrito team members will continue to be required to wear masks while at work for your protection and theirs.


SEPT 27TH.  Winner of Best Queso in Midland Reporter-Telegram's Reader's Choice Awards 2020.  Made in-house daily with melted cheese and a generous amount of lightly sautéed green chile, tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers.  Tastes amazing with crispy, tortilla chips or put two ladles over any burrito for an amazing Smothered Burrito experience. Our side queso is also a great addition for fries or beans.


Queso Favorites: Jumbo Stew Meat and Avocado Smothered in Queso, Large Chips & Queso, 4 oz. Side of Queso great with fries or beans. A Bean & Cheese Burrito Smothered in Queso makes a great Vegetarian or Lenten meal as well.


Available in Jumbo & Regular sized Great on their own or smothered in delicious queso
stew meat with guacamole & cheese *Local Favorite* It may have a funny name but this local favorite is no joke! Our version of Mexican Carne Guisada. Lean, bottom round beef, slow-simmered with green chilies, onion & garlic until fork tender. Paired with melted cheddar and fresh guacamole. One of a kind, local cuisine at it’s best and even better when smothered in queso. combination burrito The best of everything. A combination of both our fork tender stew meat and our browned to perfection ground beef. Paired with our made from scratch refried beans, topped with melted cheddar and wrapped in a thick homemade tortilla. GROUND BEEF Highly marbled and flavorful Texas Wagyu ground beef, perfectly browned and seasoned with diced onions & garlic. Topped with melted cheddar and wrapped in a warm tortilla. Try it with fresh guacamole. BEAN AND CHEESE Pinto beans slow-simmered with light spices and mashed to a delightfully creamy texture- then topped with gooey melted cheddar. Made-from-scratch, 100% Vegetarian. chicken supreme with guacamole Tender and juicy, all-white chicken breast, paired with hot cheesy queso, sour cream and fresh guacamole. SMOTHERED BURRITO Take your burrito experience to the next level. Add generous ladles of hot, homemade queso over any burrito OR try our savory smothered sauce over any burrito. Our Jumbo Stew Meat and Guacamole, Smothered in Queso is a customer favorite. DELICIOUS ADD-INS We are happy to customize any burrito you desire. DIY burrito creation with sour cream, jalapeños, rice, queso, tomatoes, potatoes, guacamole, lettuce, beans, bacon, stew meat.
homeade queso *Our Most Popular Side Item* Made daily by mixing lightly sautéed green chile, tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers into hot melted cheese. Fresh quacamole Ripe avocado lightly mashed and seasoned. Made fresh throughout the day. hot or mild sauce Our hot green sauce and mild red sauce are prepared daily from fresh jalapeños and tomatoes and stewed with onions, garlic and spices. Blended and packaged in-house for maximum flavor. Be cautioned: this flavor-protecting method is why they sometimes "spurt" when you open them.
SIDE OF QUESO This 2 oz side makes a delicious companion to burritos, french fries, refried beans and tacos. FRENCH FRIES Hot and crispy potato fries that rival that of any burger joint. BEANS Pinto beans slow-simmered with light spices and mashed to a delightfully creamy texture. Made-from-scratch, 100% Vegetarian. SPANISH RICE COOKIE TACO A LA CARTE One crispy stew meat, chicken or ground beef taco
3 CRISPY TACOS 3 crispy taco shells, choice of stew meat, chicken or ground beef, crisp lettuce, diced tomato & shredded cheddar. CRISPY TACO SALAD or NACHOS SUPREME a crispy flour tortilla bowl or a bed of corn chips topped with refried beans, choice of stew meat, chicken or Wagyu ground beef, crisp lettuce, diced tomato. Topped with cheddar cheese, creamy sour cream & fresh guacamole
JUMBO FAMILY PACK Great for families or a large group. Feeds 6-8:
  • 8 tortillas (4 regular, 4 jumbo-sized)
  • 1 PINT choice: stew meat or chicken
  • 1 PINT ground beef
  • 1 PINT beans
  • 1 PINT rice
  • 1/2 PINT smothered sauce
  • 1/2 PINT cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 PINT guacamole
  • hot and mild sauce
REGULAR FAMILY PACK Feeds 3-4: Half the portions of the Jumbo.
KIDS MEAL Choice of Bean & Cheese Burrito or Ground Beef Taco, plus Chips, Small Drink and an Exciting Toy
Winner of 20 Readers' Choice Awards! Midland Reporter-Telegram and Odessa American.